Dean Irwin-Bassist  "Playing Bass can be a spiritual experience. When all goes well, there  is connection that is felt in the music, body and soul. It always feels good to be a part of the foundation or building blocks of music. It will ALWAYS be gratifying to play music that bonds cultural, historical and spiritual roots to create a power that can break barriers at any level”.


















Neal Boyde-Keyboardist


















Gabi Radan- Lead Guitarist



David Connors-Guitarist

Gary Grier-Drummer/Percussionist

Étύ-Bmіk- Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Humanitarian. "The only high that I know, is the creativity of making music and being on stage. If we can uplift, touch and  encourage others through our music, then we can say that we have positively contributed to the society that we live in. I thank Jah Almighty Creation for letting me do what I do. Music is my passion. I walk and breathe it! Enjoy the difference!"